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90s pop music, acidboy, afi, alanis morisette, alliteration, art, assemblage 23, attitude, avi ghosh, aviators, backstreet boys, batman, batman & robin, batman begins, batman forever, batman legacy, batman returns, blogging, britain, camwhoring, civil rights, clear static, comments, concerts, crüxshadows, cuddles, dancing like nobody's watching, davey havok, davey havok's eye crinkles, davey havok's eyes, davey havok's perfect teeth, davey havok's teeth, defy, desperate housewives, diaries, dopestars inc, driving, ebay, eclecticism, english, fangirling, friends, gackt, h&m, happiness, harry potter (books), hearts, history, house parties, images, individuality, jimmy urine, journals, kill hannah, king adora, ladyboys, ladytron, lillies, livejournal, london, love, malice mizer, marilyn manson, mindless self indulgence, mix tapes, motley crue, music, myspace, necklace making, neighbours, nine inch nails, notebooks, observations, parties, photographs, photography, photoshop, pixies, placebo, poetry, poison ivy, poppy z. brite, purple, rachel stamp, rasputina, rating, reading, requiem for a dream, retro, rich barlow, riddles, road trips, robbie williams, rock and roll, rubies, shopping, smashing pumpkins, sociology, southern comfort, spring, status quo, stephen chbosky, style, synthesizers, the batman legacy, the birthday massacre, the cure, the despair faction, the eighties, the killers, the way things work, tickling, tim burton, twiggy ramirez, uma thurman, val kilmer, virginia andrews, vodka, web design, whiskey and speed, writing